My Job at IPG Automotive

My day-to-day work is based on three important tasks. Firstly, I am responsible for providing customer support for a large automotive supplier. I like the fact that everyone at the company – even the managers – maintain close contact with the customers and are therefore familiar with requests, concerns and challenges. Secondly, I work closely with our partners all over the world, which gives me a different perspective on the same topic – this strategy has already produced several good ideas. This helps me with my third and most important task: developing new avenues of growth for the company, which includes establishing new subsidiaries, for example.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

Having contact with lots of other people who also enjoy what they do. It's exciting to work at a growing company and be part of the change. This growth is perceived as something positive and the changes needed to make this happen are accepted and even welcomed. This forms the basis for good cooperation at all levels.

How do you perceive your role at the company?

In my mind, I have a vision of what the company could achieve in five to ten years. I'm working towards this step by step, but naturally I constantly have to align this idea with the latest developments and be prepared to make changes. I am responsible for promoting company growth and finding new suitable markets as well as employees for new positions. For this, we require the support of new colleagues, but our employees benefit as well from many opportunities for further development within the company.

Your job involves visiting many customers within Germany as well as the occasional business trip abroad. How does this fit into your life outside of work?

Not everyone enjoys this kind of lifestyle – luckily I love getting to know new people and places. As long as I'm not travelling abroad constantly, I really enjoy the variety.


Have you had any especially interesting experiences during your travels?

There are more than enough stories that I could tell you, but one thing I find really interesting is the role that food plays all over the world, including in international business relationships. Right from the beginning, I made it my intention to eat everything put in front of me. So far, I've not gone back on my word. The craziest food I've eaten was in Asia – it was still alive!


Finally: Do you prefer to rely on Excel tables or follow your instincts?

Instincts all the way! Experience is also an important part of developing instincts, however, as instincts are based as well on figures, data and facts, which you become better at analyzing with time.