My Job at IPG Automotive

Corporate Communications & Media is a central point of contact within the company. We work closely with all departments, merging the information we receive to produce a single solution – that's what makes the job so interesting. My tasks include coordinating all of IPG Automotive's communicative measures, from public relations and media design to event planning. As manager, I not only have to maintain an overview of the technical side of things, but I also need to represent and support any questions and suggestions my team may have.

How would you describe a typical day as Manager Corporate Communications & Media at IPG Automotive?

There's actually no such thing as a typical day here and that's what I like so much about my job. Working in the Corporate Communications & Media team, my tasks are extremely diverse – variety is guaranteed. New challenges are part and parcel of every day and there are a lot of decisions to be made while considering different perspectives in the company and not losing sight of the end goal. I am also the contact person for my team, which means that I coordinate information about the various tasks.


What is it in particular that you like about your job?

I think it's great that each and every person has the opportunity to actually make a difference. All ideas are heard and decision-making processes are short. What's more, we can see the results of everything we do, even outside of the company.

You've been with the company since 2009. Looking back, how would you describe your time here?

Since being here, my role has changed continuously, which has made my time at IPG Automotive very exciting and challenging, and has provided me with valuable experience. Early on, I could see that IPG Automotive was a very open company that allowed everyone to achieve their full potential – this led to me being offered the chance to head the Corporate Communications & Media team in 2013.


You work in an industry that is still rather male-dominated. Would you say this affects your work?

It's true that it is predominately men that choose to work in our industry, and our company is no exception. In my six years here, however, I have noticed more and more female colleagues joining our team – and this is the case across all departments.