My Job at IPG Automotive

I studied computer engineering and work in software development at IPG Automotive. I am particularly interested in the interplay between computer science and automotive technology. My work is incredibly varied: We can’t follow any prescribed paths, but must always be on the lookout for new solutions. Each job is different! I can work very independently and have a lot of freedom. But of course we keep our team members informed and also work on projects in small groups.

Since you joined IPG Automotive, the company has grown considerably. What was this development like for you?

It's true, the company really is much larger. When I started, we were no more than 30 colleagues. We shared a much smaller space, and you knew everyone in the company, regardless of which department he or she belonged to. Now that’s a bit more difficult - but new colleagues are still introduced to everyone in the company. I really appreciate this.


What about your work? Did you become specialized in a certain area?

My work did, in fact, become more specialized. Today I am primarily responsible for the CarMaker user interface, and I’ve helped with porting to various real-time platforms. I’m also asked to give my opinion on other things. I like to compare it to the fire department, where I have long volunteered. If there’s a fire, you call the fireman! We always support one another.

How do your duties as a volunteer firefighter fit in with your job?

This works out quite well. I’m a supervisor responsible for leading our local unit. Since I live 50 kilometers away from Karlsruhe, I’m not typically immediately available for fire calls during the day. Someone else fills in for me. At night and in the mornings, however, I’m often called away. If necessary, I come into work a bit later. That’s not a problem. My colleagues are aware of this and working hours are pretty flexible. And if it’s really important I can also be deployed on short notice. 


Can you apply what you’ve learned with the fire department at IPG Automotive?

I help our HR officer address fire prevention issues within the company as required. Of course, I hope that my expertise is not needed very often. At any rate, during my time at IPG Automotive, the only incident was a scorched computer cable that resulted in rather thick smoke.