My Job at IPG Automotive

As I've only been here for a few months, the range of topics on my agenda is increasing all the time – and that's a good thing. I love developing products and optimizing processes. As product manager, I play a key role in shaping and driving forward the future of our product range. I really enjoy going to customer meetings – even for the same basic products, the range of applications is huge. This introduces a lot of variety into my job.

What was your first impression of your new colleagues and work environment?

During my interview, I actually received a pretty good idea of what it would be like to work here and my first impression has proven to be right. I found the interviewers to be really friendly and relaxed with each other, and that's exactly what my colleagues are like – always willing to help and listen. We have no problem communicating across different departments.

What made you choose to work here?

As product manager, I want the products I'm representing to be future-oriented. Of course, the specifics of the job itself and the company's market position also played an important role. The automotive industry is currently undergoing radical change, leading to a vast amount of technical refinements, new players in the business and the potential for further innovation. I was also impressed that the company already has a global presence – this offers me (as well as all other IPG colleagues) many opportunities for personal development in the future.

Do you have previous experience of working in the automotive industry?

None at all, which makes me all the luckier to have been given the opportunity. I obtained my PhD in computer sciences, but it's always been the application of this field that has interested me, and now I am pleased to be able to combine this with my interest in mobility.

What are your impressions of working at the company so far?

I've found the high level of trust that has been placed in me really positive. Right from the beginning, I have been entrusted to attend customer meetings and work independently on a range of projects. What's more, everyone shows great willingness to grow with the company and address new challenges. I'm looking forward to the next few months.