Bespoke solutions for virtual test driving. How we are extending our technological and competitive edge.

Common goals are important for a common path. Because we want to achieve a lot, we have set ourselves ambitious goals - driven by the desire to always find excellent solutions for our customers.

Virtual testing

We are extremely familiar with the challenges our customers are facing. Currently, physical prototypes are available for less than half of the development period, and only a handful of engineers are able to test their new systems in actual vehicles at an early stage of the process. But we want to change all this! Our simulation solutions enable tests with virtual prototypes to be conducted throughout the development process. Furthermore, they provide every engineer with the opportunity to design and evaluate new systems in virtual vehicles.

Growth is on the horizon

We support our customers in the automotive industry to develop new technologies until they are ready for production, and to bring them safely and efficiently onto the road. With vehicle development becoming more and more complex, there is a greater demand for simulation solutions that are tailored to customer requirements. This environment has resulted in our company expanding to keep pace with the ever growing market for our products, enabling us to make our development services available to engineers worldwide. 

How we stand out

As a technology leader, we know that our employees hold the key to our success. They have transformed us into a reliable development partner, respected for our independence, transparency and customer service. What's more, they help us to work closely with our customers to ensure we build long-lasting partnerships.