Hints and tips for getting it right and speeding up the application process.

Before applying for a job via our website, please check whether all your documents are complete. This helps us speed up the application process.

We look forward to receiving your application and possibly meeting you soon!

Application checklist

  • Cover letter
    Reference to the position | Your motivation for applying | Written in German (except international job offers)
  • CV
    Chronological | Current position goes last | Complete without any gaps
  • Attachments 
    Digital | Most recent school report card | All degree certificates including transcripts of results | Reference letters from internships / student work experience | All reference letters from previous employers
  • Important information
    Salary expectations (gross annual salary) | Earliest possible start date 
  • Data upload
    3 PDF files max. | Total size: 10 MB max.


 Go to the online application form.

What do I need to consider when completing my application?

Please write your application in German. English may be used for vacancies marked as international and for internships and student jobs. Please make sure that your documents are complete and correct before submitting them via our online application form. Unfortunately we are not able to consider applications sent to us through the mail.

To whom do I address my application?

Please address your application to our HR managers Ms. Kerstin Lusch, Ms. Nina Leber or Ms. Lena Burkhardt. They will forward your documents to the appropriate departments.

How long will I have to wait to hear back from you?

Once we receive your digital documents, we will send you a confirmation. We will then contact you within two to three weeks with further information about the process. Please note that in exceptional circumstances, for example during the holiday season, it may take slightly longer for us to process your application.

What does the application process at IPG Automotive entail?

After reviewing your application carefully, we will contact you immediately. If your profile matches what we are looking for, we will arrange an appointment to get to know you. We will either ask you to take part in a telephone interview or directly invite you to attend an interview at our office.

How do I know whether a vacancy is still open?

All positions listed on our website are still open. Vacancies are only removed once posts have been filled.

Can I still apply even if there are no suitable vacancies listed on your website?

Even if there is no suitable job offer for you, we will be happy to accept your application. Please send your complete application via our online application form. Just choose your preferred job type and corporate division. And, who knows, perhaps we were looking for you without even knowing it!

What should I bear in mind as a non-EU citizen?

All applicants from outside the EU require an official residence permit and work permit. These must be sent to our HR department before you start working for us.

Is there anything in particular I should know before applying for an internship/student job or before applying to write my thesis at IPG Automotive?

If you submit your application while you are still at university, you must send us a university enrollment certificate for the current semester. If you are applying for an internship required as part of your studies, you must also submit an excerpt from your study or examination regulations which indicates that a work placement is a compulsory part of your degree. When applying for a student job, please state how many hours you wish to work a week (please note that the maximum legal limit is 20 hours a week).

Do you have any further questions that we haven’t answered above?

If so, please get in touch via the contact form or send us an e-mail to jobs@ipg-automotive.com. We will be happy to help.